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STC-1080C (two lane)

STC-1080C (two lane)


    Automatic window patching machine STC-1080C is designed for carton box, color box window lamination; One of the most advanced models of its kind on the Chinese market. Perfect design ensures practical features of high efficiency, high accuracy, high stability and easy operation. Applicable for both corrugated and cardboard paper like tissue box, gift box, toy box, shirt box, milk cartons and so on.



    Max paper size(mm)


    Min paper size(mm)


    Max window size(mm)


    Min window size (mm)


    Cardboard grammage (g/)


    Corrugated paper (mm)


    Film thickness


    Max working speed (s/h)


    Total power (kw)


    Total weight (T)


    Dimension (mm)




    ◆ The unique supporting plate and wheel feeding type replaces the servo intermittent feeding type.

    ◆ Ensure smooth paper delivery

    ◆ Fast, steady and reliable transfer of paper.

    ◆ Nationwide patent for this part has been awarded to the company.


    2. Self-rotation, Pull-out Glue Roller

    胶辊glue roller.jpg


    Single roller works with the baffle for gluing, avoid glue waste on the roller, reducing volatilization.

    Ergonomic design of rotating, pull-out roller, which driven by motor can rotate when the main power is off, preventing the glue from solidifying on the roller surface.

    ◆ This part can be pulled out entirely for roller cleaning, reducing cleaning time and avoiding glue splashes during high speed operation. 

    ◆ Nationwide patent has been awarded to this part.


    3.Gluing Assembly

    涂胶部gluing unit.jpg 

    Pneumatic cylinder is used to control the platform uplift through optronic sensor detecting the paper presence.

    ◆ In case of paper absence during machine operation, the platform will descend to avoid the glue applying to the belt.


    4.Suction belt, Foreign matter alarm

    吸风皮带suction belt.jpg

    ◆ The two suction belts are wide and thickened, service life significantly extended.

    ◆ With exclusive air flow regulator, air volume can be regulated according to sizes of paper, ensure there’s no position shifting.

    ◆ In case of foreign matter touching the baffle plate, the main motor shuts down and alams.

    ◆ National patent  has been awarded for this part.



    5. Film transport

    膜片输送film transport.jpg 

    ◆ Film conveyance is controlled by servo motor.

    ◆ With higher cutting accuracy, making film cutting deviation less than 0.5mm.

    ◆ Digital touch screen employed instead of former knobs, making the adjustment  more intuitive and convenient.

    ◆ Make the adjustment more convenient and efficient. 


    6.  Roller Slitter

    滚筒式横切刀roller slitter.jpg

    ◆ Premium quality alloy steel, processed by special heat treatment process employed to ensure better durability. 

    Replaced the old generation of shear cutting.

    Servo motor is used to regulate  film length, making sure more accuracy, stability and reliability.

    ◆ With unique cutting/notching angle, to make thicker film cutting more easily.



    7. Inching film notching (designed for tissue boxes) 

     点动式膜片切口inching film notching.jpg

    ◆ Specially designed for notching in the centre of the film, for such as tissue boxes that can be notched by inching or running.

    ◆ Notching length and position are adjustable, to ensure accuracy and positioning.